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Alma 37:6

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seek the Lord Early - Lesson Plan (& Other Ideas)

Lesson plan for Seek the Lord Early. Some material could also be used as review.  Also some other ideas.


Sing the song to them:
  1. Listen for the phrase "seek the Lord early" and when you hear it stand up or sit down 
  2. How many times did you hear that phrase? (3) 
  3. Sing again, this time sing the phrase with me when it comes up 

HIDE AND SEEK - big glasses, magnifying glass, binoculars, flashlight, telescoping binoculars, etc
  • Choose 4 children (one from each of 4 groups) to come up to the front and choose a seeking item out of a bag with their eyes closed.  Have them keep their eyes closed and guess what the item is. Sing the song while all 4 children look around the room for items/pictures, (and, for SR if they seem to know the song already, get in order in front during any remaining time of the song).  Then sing corresponding phrases in 4 groups. Swap pictures and repeat.
Picture options: (printed OR borrowed from Church library)
  1. Lord in magnifying glass OR Jesus the Christ
  2. Scriptures & prayer OR Scriptures OR Praying 
  3. Prophet / President Monson
  4. Ten Commandments
Download B&W Pictures:
(pages meant to be cut in half, to end up with 4)


SENIOR: (I will stop here for JR but continue with the following for SR)

  • Sing the song together while children come up to the board and place word strips in the correct column. You can choose children to come up by signaling to them or tapping them on the shoulder or you can have the children choose who comes up next. This can be done as "tag" -- You choose the starting child and when they are finished they choose another child and so on.

  • Seek the Lord 
  • Search the scriptures 
  • Pray to Heavenly Father 
  • Obey the prophets
  • Keep the commandments 

  • Help me know the truth 
  • Show me his love 
  • Be found in my life
Download Word Strips:



PICTURE HIDE & SEEK (HOT 'N COLD): (From the 2014 Primary Sharing Time Outline)
  • Use pictures to teach the song a phrase at a time (sample pictures are available at sharingtime.lds.org). Display all of the pictures on the board. Invite a child to go out of the room while someone else hides one of the pictures. Have the child come back and “seek” for the picture by listening to the other children sing louder as he or she gets closer and softer as he or she gets farther away. Repeat as time allows.

  • Divide into two groups and have one group sing only the first two words of each phrase and have the other group complete the phrase. Change groups and repeat. You can divide the groups in many ways: boys/girls, by colors on clothes, color of eyes, birthdays in the first and second part of the year, etc. 

  • Put word hints on the board (in two parts: first three then second three; OR all at once).  Tell the children to listen for these key words as you sing the song.  After singing the song through, ask if anyone can come up to the board and write out one of the words.  If they can't get them all, sing through again until they do.
    • t _ _ _ _ (truth) 
    • s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (scriptures) 
    • p _ _ _ _ _ (prayer) 
    • o _ _ _ (obey) 
    • p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (prophets) 
    • c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (commandments)


  1. thanks for all the great ideas:)

  2. These are excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I tried the wordstrip activity with my children. They really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  4. Thank you!!!!! You save our singing time experience often!