"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review Activity: I Mustache You a Question

Tomorrow I'm doing a review with mustaches!  I Mustache You a Question!

I'll do things a little differently in JR than in SR.


In Junior I'm going to have a child choose a mustache on a stick and have them answer a question to see which song we are going to sing.  I have the song order pre-determined.  Then we'll sing the song, in a fun or reinforcing way I've already chosen.  The questions I'll ask are as follows:

  • Name this song: "He Sent His...?"
  • Name this song: "I Will Follow God's...?"
  • Name this song: "I Stand All...?"
  • Name this song: "The Family Is...?"
  • Name this song: "When I Hear the...?"
  • Name this song: "Truth from...?"
  • Name this song: "I Love to See...?"


In Senior I'll have a child choose a mustache on a stick to choose the song we're going to sing.  Each mustache will have a song written on the back.  Next we'll sing the song, in a fun or reinforcing way I've already chosen.  Then I'll ask a few questions about the song to a few chosen children, where they can earn their own stick-on mustaches.  If they need help they can ask a friend, who can also earn a mustache.  Super singers can also earn mustaches.  By the end of Singing Time hopefully all the kids will have gotten a mustache.  Below are the questions I'll ask, and a Word Doc to download for ease.

·         QUESTION: How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness?
(Answer: “He sent His son a newborn babe with peace and holiness.”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: How could the Father show the world _________?
(Answer: “the pathway we should go”)
·         QUESTION: What 4 things does this song say the Father asks of us, that the scriptures say?
(Answer: “Have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way”)

·         QUESTION: My choice was to, what?
(Answer: “come to this lovely home on earth… and seek for God’s light to direct me from birth”)
·         QUESTION: Name at least 3 things this song says that I can do so I can be happy on earth and in my home above.
(Answer: “follow God’s plan for me, hold fast to his word and His love, work, pray, walk in His way”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: I stand all amazed at the ____________?
(Answer: “love Jesus offers me”)
·         QUESTION: What are 3 things this song says that Jesus did for me, a sinner?
(Answer: “suffered, bled, died”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Oh, it is wonderful that _______________?
(Answer: “He should care for me, enough to die for me”)

·         QUESTION: Why did Heavenly Father send us to earth, through birth?
(Answer: “to live and learn here in families”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: A father’s place is to preside, provide, to ________________?
(Answer: “love and teach the gospel to his children”)
·         QUESTION: Name at least 4 of a mother’s purposes.
(Answer: “care, prepare, nurture, strengthen, teaches to obey, pray, love, serve”
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: I’ll love and serve my family, and be ____________?
(Answer: “a good example to each family member”)
·         QUESTION: Why did God give us families?
(Answer: “to help us become what He wants us to be”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: When I hear the prophet’s voice ____________?
(Answer: “I feel closer to God” OR “I will gladly obey”)
·         QUESTION: When I listen to the prophet’s voice, what do I feel deep within my heart?
(Answer: “the Savior’s love”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Who speaks through the prophet for our day?
(Answer: “the Savior”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: The hearts of the children have _________?
(Answer: “turned to their fathers… have turned, have turned, have turned”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Because of the truth they have ____________?
(Answer: “learned from Elijah… have learned, have learned, have learned”)
·         QUESTION: What does this song say that we as the children can do about family history?
(Answer: “seek out our loved ones, preserving their names and their memory”)
·         QUESTION: What does this song say that we can do about temple work?
(Answer: “strive to be worthy to kneel in the temple and bind them to us for eternity”)