"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bell Chart - Seek the Lord Early

This is my bell chart for Seek the Lord Early - p. 108.  This is in the original key and is best played with the 13- or 20-note bell sets.  Since there are 3 flats that are played frequently in the song, the 8-note bell set won't work well with this bell version.

I'm considering using the bells in our Primary Program for this song.  I made this chart so the bells are played only on the downbeat (first note) of each measure.  I'm starting to lean more toward this kind of bell-playing in Primary.  When I've done it this way it seems to be easier for the kids and it goes faster as you don't have to slow the song way down for them to get all the notes in.

This won't be the chart I will use in the actual Program.  Still haven't exactly figured that out yet.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Seek the Lord Early - Lesson Plan (& Other Ideas)

Lesson plan for Seek the Lord Early. Some material could also be used as review.  Also some other ideas.


Sing the song to them:
  1. Listen for the phrase "seek the Lord early" and when you hear it stand up or sit down 
  2. How many times did you hear that phrase? (3) 
  3. Sing again, this time sing the phrase with me when it comes up 

HIDE AND SEEK - big glasses, magnifying glass, binoculars, flashlight, telescoping binoculars, etc
  • Choose 4 children (one from each of 4 groups) to come up to the front and choose a seeking item out of a bag with their eyes closed.  Have them keep their eyes closed and guess what the item is. Sing the song while all 4 children look around the room for items/pictures, (and, for SR if they seem to know the song already, get in order in front during any remaining time of the song).  Then sing corresponding phrases in 4 groups. Swap pictures and repeat.
Picture options: (printed OR borrowed from Church library)
  1. Lord in magnifying glass OR Jesus the Christ
  2. Scriptures & prayer OR Scriptures OR Praying 
  3. Prophet / President Monson
  4. Ten Commandments
Download B&W Pictures:
(pages meant to be cut in half, to end up with 4)


SENIOR: (I will stop here for JR but continue with the following for SR)

  • Sing the song together while children come up to the board and place word strips in the correct column. You can choose children to come up by signaling to them or tapping them on the shoulder or you can have the children choose who comes up next. This can be done as "tag" -- You choose the starting child and when they are finished they choose another child and so on.

  • Seek the Lord 
  • Search the scriptures 
  • Pray to Heavenly Father 
  • Obey the prophets
  • Keep the commandments 

  • Help me know the truth 
  • Show me his love 
  • Be found in my life
Download Word Strips:



PICTURE HIDE & SEEK (HOT 'N COLD): (From the 2014 Primary Sharing Time Outline)
  • Use pictures to teach the song a phrase at a time (sample pictures are available at sharingtime.lds.org). Display all of the pictures on the board. Invite a child to go out of the room while someone else hides one of the pictures. Have the child come back and “seek” for the picture by listening to the other children sing louder as he or she gets closer and softer as he or she gets farther away. Repeat as time allows.

  • Divide into two groups and have one group sing only the first two words of each phrase and have the other group complete the phrase. Change groups and repeat. You can divide the groups in many ways: boys/girls, by colors on clothes, color of eyes, birthdays in the first and second part of the year, etc. 

  • Put word hints on the board (in two parts: first three then second three; OR all at once).  Tell the children to listen for these key words as you sing the song.  After singing the song through, ask if anyone can come up to the board and write out one of the words.  If they can't get them all, sing through again until they do.
    • t _ _ _ _ (truth) 
    • s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (scriptures) 
    • p _ _ _ _ _ (prayer) 
    • o _ _ _ (obey) 
    • p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (prophets) 
    • c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (commandments)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review Activity: Tic-Tac-Sing (Baptism)

TIC-TAC-SING is basically tic-tac-toe game show style as a review activity.  This post has help info for the song BAPTISM (p. 100) but this activity can be tailored to any song or multiple songs!

Prep using one of the following:
  • Draw a tic-tac-toe board on the board and have the children draw X’s and O’s; or 
  • Do a life-size version by setting up 9 chairs for children to sit on while holding up X and O papers; or
  • Make a poster with removable X's and O's

To play: 
  • JUNIOR: Play all as one team
  • SENIOR: Split the Primary into two teams (one side vs. the other, boys vs. girls, kids vs. teachers, kids vs. you)
  • Sing through one verse at a time. Invite one child from each team to come up and answer a question, game show style. Have two buzzers or an item (like a pen) in the middle of them for them to grab when they know the answer. The child who buzzes or grabs first gets to answer first, and if they get the answer correct they get to put an X or O up on the board for their team. If they answer wrong the other child can steal for the other team by answering the question correctly. If neither gets it right, the Primary may answer and no X’s or O’s get played. If they are all stuck you could sing the verse through one more time to help them find the answer. Play as long as time permits (until you run out of questions, or ask the questions over again!), clearing the board when someone gets 3 in a row.

BAPTISM Activity Questions:

Verse 1:

WHO did Jesus come to? (JOHN THE BAPTIST)
WHERE and WHEN did Jesus come to John the Baptist? (JUDEA LONG AGO)
WHAT did Jesus do when he came to John the Baptist in Judea long ago? (WAS BAPTIZED)
HOW was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? (BY IMMERSION)
WHERE was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? (RIVER JORDAN)

Verse 2:

WHY did Jesus say he needed to be baptized? (TO FULFILL THE LAW)
WHO questioned why Jesus needed to be baptized? (THE BAPTIST)
WHY else did Jesus say he needed to be baptized? (TO ENTER WITH [HIS] FATHER IN THE KINGDOM]
WHERE is Heavenly Father's kingdom? (UP ON HIGH)

Verse 3:

WHO must follow Jesus? (WE)
WHAT must we witness faith in? (JESUS' WORD)
WHY must we be baptized? (TO SHOW OBEDIENCE)
WHO was our example that we are following when we are baptized? (JESUS)

Here where I got this activity from, and her post has more ideas if you are looking for more inspiration for this activity: http://intheleafytreetopsthebirdssing.blogspot.com/2012/06/tic-tac-sing-review.html.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Family Is of God - Picture Prompts

I thought my Primary children could use some extra help as we're reviewing The Family Is of God.  Since this song is long and wordy, I felt that showing them some simple picture prompts might help jog their memories as they think about which words come next.  I also had/have the intent of using these pictures as a review activity for them to put in order up on the board as we sing each verse.  AND they are all line drawings in black and white, because I didn't want to use a ton of ink, and the Church just came out with an awesome new resource of a line drawing bank on their website.  Soooo...

The first document here is the flip chart, if you will, in PDF format.  The order of pages: verse 1, verse 2, verse 3, verse 4, chorus.  I printed 4 of the chorus for easier flipping (or non-flipping rather):

The second document is the large version of the images in a Word Doc.  They are jumbled up, not in order, so as to fit them all on the least amount of pages (10), for ease of printing:

And the third document is a one-page answer key in PDF format, if you want to use the document above:

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love to See the Temple - Sign Language

Here is a video I made of simple sign language (ASL) for I Love to See the Temple.  This in no way is meant to be a translation to ASL, but a teaching tool to help the children in Primary remember the words to this special song.  I included signs for specific key words to go along with the timing of the words in the song.

The video is mirrored so you may lead with your right hand (if it is your dominant hand).  Lead with whichever hand is most comfortable for you.  The children will either mirror you or lead with the hand that is comfortable for them, unless you tell them otherwise.


To FEEL the Holy SPIRIT,
To LISTEN and to PRAY.
For the TEMPLE is a HOUSE of GOD,
A place of LOVE and BEAUTY.
I'll PREPARE myself while I am young(CHILD);
This is my SACRED DUTY.


I'll COV'NANT with my FATHER;
For the TEMPLE is a HOLY place

ASL Video:
LDS.org ASL video list (scroll down to find I Love to See the Temple -- there are two videos, an adult and a child)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bell Chart - The 13th Article of Faith

Here is my bell chart for The Thirteenth Article of Faith.  It is for the 13 note bell set.  Each bell note represents each note sung in the song.  If you only have the 8 note bell set, you can still use this chart just by not playing the Bb's.

Bell Chart - I Love to See the Temple

Here is my handbell chart for I Love to See the Temple.  This is for the 13 bell chart.  There is one missing note that could be played with the 20 bell set but can just be omitted if you don't have it.  If you only have the 8 note yet you can still play this but omit the Bb's.

Each bell note represents each note sung throughout the song.

I made two versions of this, one with the first verse:

And one for the second verse:

Bell Chart - I Stand All Amazed

Here is my handbell chart for I Stand All Amazed (hymn 193) in the original key, for the 13 note bell set.  Since there are more notes in the song than are in the 13 note set I have omitted a few notes (just left them blank) and tweaked a couple notes in the chorus (same notes, just an octave lower) to allow for more bells to be played.

Each bell note represents each quarter note throughout the song, so not every note that is sung is played.

If you have the 8 note set, this would not be a very good chart to use, as there are 4 flats in the song and none in your 8 note bell set.

13-note bell set ISAA bell chart

And here is the chart for the 20-note bell set: