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Alma 37:6

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fathers - p. 209

I'm not the biggest fan of using flip charts in Primary, but I am a fan of variety so I figure I'll use them every once in a while.  Our Primary is going to sing "Fathers" from the Children's Songbook for Father's Day.  I would like them to sing all three verses.  I wanted to use visuals to teach them / review this song -- there are already flip charts out there for this song but I had some ideas for what I wanted, so I created my own!

Click HERE for the PDF file of the flip chart.

Click HERE for the PDF file

I saw a Music Leader friend of mine use a binder for a flip chart with pictures on one side and words on the other.  I like that because then you can use the same chart and take the words away to use only pictures, and slowly wean off the words, then pictures, to help the kids memorize the song.

NOTE: I found a typo -- the word "praise" in the 3rd verse. The files have been fixed and updated.

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