"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sing or Dare - Review Activity

I first asked the kids if they had ever played Truth or Dare.  Then I told them that we were going to play SING or DARE!  They were intrigued!  To play I simply walked around and chose reverent and participating children (who were singing) to choose a slip out of the jar (or you can use choosing sticks), and instructions would be followed from there.  I put slips of paper for each SING and each DARE in one jar for kids to pick.  The SINGs would be different ways to sing a song and the whole Primary would sing along.  The DAREs would be done by the one child who picked it.  We just had kids choose things out of the jar until our time was up!

The kids had a blast!  I'll definitely be doing this activity again.

Here is the link for my labels (you can choose to do one jar or two) and SING and DARE slips for Junior and Senior (separately):

There are different ways to present this activity.  Some have done separate envelopes for the SING and DARE slips.  Some have done a poster board with pockets.  You can have all the SING and DARE slips together in a jar or envelope or pocket, or you can separate them out so the kids can choose to pick a SING or a DARE.  Since people have found that a lot of kids seem to like to choose from the DARE, some have made a rule that you can only choose so many DAREs in a row, to make the kids also do some singing!  But others have found that their own kids choose from both categories.  There are many options and ways to do this activity.  Take it and run with it!


  1. This is AWESOME!! I will be using this at camp this year!!

  2. You have the best ideas! I am so thankful for your sharing of your activities! Thank you!

  3. Thank you! Couldn't think of anything to do for this week! I'm excited to try this with our primary!

  4. Hi I love the idea! What did you kinds of dares did you put in the jar? And did you put dares and sings in the same jar?