"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review Activity: I Mustache You a Question

Tomorrow I'm doing a review with mustaches!  I Mustache You a Question!

I'll do things a little differently in JR than in SR.


In Junior I'm going to have a child choose a mustache on a stick and have them answer a question to see which song we are going to sing.  I have the song order pre-determined.  Then we'll sing the song, in a fun or reinforcing way I've already chosen.  The questions I'll ask are as follows:

  • Name this song: "He Sent His...?"
  • Name this song: "I Will Follow God's...?"
  • Name this song: "I Stand All...?"
  • Name this song: "The Family Is...?"
  • Name this song: "When I Hear the...?"
  • Name this song: "Truth from...?"
  • Name this song: "I Love to See...?"


In Senior I'll have a child choose a mustache on a stick to choose the song we're going to sing.  Each mustache will have a song written on the back.  Next we'll sing the song, in a fun or reinforcing way I've already chosen.  Then I'll ask a few questions about the song to a few chosen children, where they can earn their own stick-on mustaches.  If they need help they can ask a friend, who can also earn a mustache.  Super singers can also earn mustaches.  By the end of Singing Time hopefully all the kids will have gotten a mustache.  Below are the questions I'll ask, and a Word Doc to download for ease.

·         QUESTION: How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness?
(Answer: “He sent His son a newborn babe with peace and holiness.”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: How could the Father show the world _________?
(Answer: “the pathway we should go”)
·         QUESTION: What 4 things does this song say the Father asks of us, that the scriptures say?
(Answer: “Have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way”)

·         QUESTION: My choice was to, what?
(Answer: “come to this lovely home on earth… and seek for God’s light to direct me from birth”)
·         QUESTION: Name at least 3 things this song says that I can do so I can be happy on earth and in my home above.
(Answer: “follow God’s plan for me, hold fast to his word and His love, work, pray, walk in His way”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: I stand all amazed at the ____________?
(Answer: “love Jesus offers me”)
·         QUESTION: What are 3 things this song says that Jesus did for me, a sinner?
(Answer: “suffered, bled, died”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Oh, it is wonderful that _______________?
(Answer: “He should care for me, enough to die for me”)

·         QUESTION: Why did Heavenly Father send us to earth, through birth?
(Answer: “to live and learn here in families”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: A father’s place is to preside, provide, to ________________?
(Answer: “love and teach the gospel to his children”)
·         QUESTION: Name at least 4 of a mother’s purposes.
(Answer: “care, prepare, nurture, strengthen, teaches to obey, pray, love, serve”
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: I’ll love and serve my family, and be ____________?
(Answer: “a good example to each family member”)
·         QUESTION: Why did God give us families?
(Answer: “to help us become what He wants us to be”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: When I hear the prophet’s voice ____________?
(Answer: “I feel closer to God” OR “I will gladly obey”)
·         QUESTION: When I listen to the prophet’s voice, what do I feel deep within my heart?
(Answer: “the Savior’s love”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Who speaks through the prophet for our day?
(Answer: “the Savior”)

·         FILL IN THE BLANK: The hearts of the children have _________?
(Answer: “turned to their fathers… have turned, have turned, have turned”)
·         FILL IN THE BLANK: Because of the truth they have ____________?
(Answer: “learned from Elijah… have learned, have learned, have learned”)
·         QUESTION: What does this song say that we as the children can do about family history?
(Answer: “seek out our loved ones, preserving their names and their memory”)
·         QUESTION: What does this song say that we can do about temple work?
(Answer: “strive to be worthy to kneel in the temple and bind them to us for eternity”)

Bell Chart - Truth from Elijah

Here is my bell chart for Truth from Elijah (CS p. 90).

Each note is the quarter note, or beat, throughout the song, which means not every note sung will be played.  I find it easier to have the kids play that way.  I first introduce it by having them all clap the beat along with me as we sing the song or part of the song.  That way they can start to understand when the bells are supposed to be played, and I help them by pointing to each note on the board as we go along as well.



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bell Chart - Fathers

Here is my bell chart for the song Fathers (CS p. 209).  This chart is for the 13 note bell set (but can easily be used by other sets by omitting the notes you don't have bells for).  It is the chorus only.