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Alma 37:6

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bell Chart - I Will Follow God's Plan

BELL CHART for I WILL FOLLOW GOD’S PLAN in the original key, notes C through high D

I plan on using this in SR for fun and review of the song. The white letters are for the bells with white handles, and the black letters for the bell with a black handle, to further help the children with the visuals of the chart (especially since there are 3 blue colors!). The last page is for reference to know which bells are used in this song. I plan on standing the bells on top of the sheet of paper in place so I can have the correct ones out and the kids can put them back on the right spot too.

I have the 13 note chromatic bell set, but there is one note in this song I don't have (high D) and I'm just going to skip the bell on that one. If you only have the 8 note set you could skip that note and also the Bb (A#).

Below are charts for the 8 note bell set (skipping the Bb’s and high D), 13 note bell set (skipping the high D), 20 note set, and a copy with no color for you to color in with marker or crayon if you’d like. The last one includes all three note index pages for you to use depending on which notes you have.

Happy ringing!

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