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Alma 37:6

Monday, March 10, 2014

Prophets & Apostles Name Song

A great activity to do around General Conference time!

Sing the names of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to the tune of The Books in the Book of Mormon (p. 119).  Last names only, and you have to sneak a couple "&"s in there.  It seems a little tricky at first, but it does work, I promise!

Each syllable gets one note (an eighth note):
An-der-sen (this one you kind of have to squeeze in there at the end, but it fits right in with the music)

Click HERE for the PDF of the music.
(I did not type this up but I don't remember where I got it from, sorry.)

Someone posted on the LDS Primary Choristers Facebook page about doing actions for each of the names:
  • Mon-son (two index fingers make M sign-like McDonalds Arch-start in middle)
  • Ey-ring (two index fingers point to side of two eyes)
  • Ucht-dorf (Make U sign like Football Touchdown)
  • Pack-er (Football pose both hands to knees-Think Green Bay Packers)
  • Per-ry (Body shape of P—right arm straight side. Left arm up, hand on head making top of P)
  • Nel-son (make N across chest-with left arm cross chest, elbow to side, hand to right shoulder) 
  • Oaks (both arms over head making Oak tree shape)
  • Ball-ard (right hand throws out base “ball”)
    (think of Scott (land)-country Hails Holland-country)
  • Scott (body shape S—right arm curve up over head, left arm curve hand to hip, also shape of Scottish dance)
  • Hales (right arm up like Hail a Taxi)
  • Holl-and (body shape H-Arms up sides/bent elbow, legs second position plie )
  • Bed-nar (“Bend” over from waist, right hand reaching out) 
  • Cook (grab pretend pan from top of stove-(Think Who cooking for? Two “Sons”)
  • Chris-toff-er-son (Body shapes C arms curve to left of body)
  • An-der-son (both hands make A shape like a hat on head)

Click HERE for a PDF with pictures of the actions.

I also love this video that shows a hand clap pattern that others have said both JR and SR loved!

And here are some fun facts about each Apostle to go along with this activity.  One way you can present it is by letting a child choose slips of paper from a hat or bag, have the Primary guess which Apostle it is, and then pin it up next to the picture of the correct Apostle on the board.

Here are some interesting facts: