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Alma 37:6

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bell Chart - I Stand All Amazed

Here is my handbell chart for I Stand All Amazed (hymn 193) in the original key, for the 13 note bell set.  Since there are more notes in the song than are in the 13 note set I have omitted a few notes (just left them blank) and tweaked a couple notes in the chorus (same notes, just an octave lower) to allow for more bells to be played.

Each bell note represents each quarter note throughout the song, so not every note that is sung is played.

If you have the 8 note set, this would not be a very good chart to use, as there are 4 flats in the song and none in your 8 note bell set.

13-note bell set ISAA bell chart

And here is the chart for the 20-note bell set:


  1. I would like the version of I Stand All Amazed for the 20 note bell set.

    1. Hi Joan, I have uploaded the chart for the 20 note bell set! :)