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Alma 37:6

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review Activity: Tic-Tac-Sing (Baptism)

TIC-TAC-SING is basically tic-tac-toe game show style as a review activity.  This post has help info for the song BAPTISM (p. 100) but this activity can be tailored to any song or multiple songs!

Prep using one of the following:
  • Draw a tic-tac-toe board on the board and have the children draw X’s and O’s; or 
  • Do a life-size version by setting up 9 chairs for children to sit on while holding up X and O papers; or
  • Make a poster with removable X's and O's

To play: 
  • JUNIOR: Play all as one team
  • SENIOR: Split the Primary into two teams (one side vs. the other, boys vs. girls, kids vs. teachers, kids vs. you)
  • Sing through one verse at a time. Invite one child from each team to come up and answer a question, game show style. Have two buzzers or an item (like a pen) in the middle of them for them to grab when they know the answer. The child who buzzes or grabs first gets to answer first, and if they get the answer correct they get to put an X or O up on the board for their team. If they answer wrong the other child can steal for the other team by answering the question correctly. If neither gets it right, the Primary may answer and no X’s or O’s get played. If they are all stuck you could sing the verse through one more time to help them find the answer. Play as long as time permits (until you run out of questions, or ask the questions over again!), clearing the board when someone gets 3 in a row.

BAPTISM Activity Questions:

Verse 1:

WHO did Jesus come to? (JOHN THE BAPTIST)
WHERE and WHEN did Jesus come to John the Baptist? (JUDEA LONG AGO)
WHAT did Jesus do when he came to John the Baptist in Judea long ago? (WAS BAPTIZED)
HOW was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? (BY IMMERSION)
WHERE was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? (RIVER JORDAN)

Verse 2:

WHY did Jesus say he needed to be baptized? (TO FULFILL THE LAW)
WHO questioned why Jesus needed to be baptized? (THE BAPTIST)
WHY else did Jesus say he needed to be baptized? (TO ENTER WITH [HIS] FATHER IN THE KINGDOM]
WHERE is Heavenly Father's kingdom? (UP ON HIGH)

Verse 3:

WHO must follow Jesus? (WE)
WHAT must we witness faith in? (JESUS' WORD)
WHY must we be baptized? (TO SHOW OBEDIENCE)
WHO was our example that we are following when we are baptized? (JESUS)

Here where I got this activity from, and her post has more ideas if you are looking for more inspiration for this activity: http://intheleafytreetopsthebirdssing.blogspot.com/2012/06/tic-tac-sing-review.html.


  1. Thanks for the post, my senior kids loved this today and we sang thru all 3 verses and they we sad when we ran out of time. It was boys vs. girls and they really wanted to beat each other. ;) I also had them re-sing the verse if they couldn't answer the question. It went great, thanks again!

  2. Is there a way to do this without competition? I've been trying to avoid that.....

    1. Yes! Play all as one team as I suggested for Junior and have one child come up to answer the question at a time, or have them all work together to answer the question. The blog link I posted at the end of the post has more information about playing as one team. :)

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