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Alma 37:6

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Posting Song Lyrics

One general help I like to do is to print the song lyrics and put them at the front of the room so everyone (who can read) can sing along.  I really liked this idea from Camille's blog, as I come from a non-knowing-Primary-songs background.  My husband and I had callings as Primary teachers in our first ward after getting married and I liked to sing along but didn't know a lot of the songs, or didn't know all the words.  I would have found this awesome and helpful.  This makes me think that there are probably others who find themselves in a similar boat and don't know the songs as well and could benefit from this.  And I don't want to just sing the songs they know, because maybe they don't know all the ones I do and think are common.  Also, there are different types of learners out there, and just maybe there are some who learn better by seeing the words (I know that's me!).

I use Cambria font at least size 55 but will go up to 65 or 70 if I can.  I break up the phrases and take up as much room on one sheet of paper as I can.  I try to fit at least one verse on one 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  It usually can be done.  You just have to mess with the font and margins until it all fits.  :)

Camille puts her pages in sheet protectors.  I've heard other people recommend not doing that because of potential glare (and it saves room in your binder).  I guess you could use the non shiny sheet protectors.  So far I've just punched holes in the paper and used them that way.

I don't put them in my binder anymore because the music stand we have in our Primary room is very weak and does not hold much weight at all.  Plus I found it difficult to flip through to each song in a short amount of time.  Now I post all the Opening Exercises songs for that day up on the front chalkboard with a magnet.  It seems to work well and I don't have to fuss with all that page turning!


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