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Alma 37:6

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2014 Primary Program Song Line-Up

Here is what our Primary's 2014 song line-up looks like:

  • He Sent His Son                          CS p. 34     (2:03)
  • I Will Follow God’s Plan             CS p. 164    (1:19)
  • I Stand All Amazed                     Hymn 193    (3:38)
    • 3 verses
  • The Family Is of God                   Outline         (3:00)
    • 4 verses
  • When I Hear the Prophet's Voice   Friend          (0:47)
  • I Love to See the Temple             CS p. 95      (2:25)
  • Baptism                                       CS p. 100    (1:53)
    • 3 verses
  • Seek the Lord Early                     CS p. 108    (1:20)
Song Time Total:                                                     (16:25)

Closing hymn: Families Can Be Together Forever - Hymn 300

Side note:  I'm pretty sure I want to sing The Family Is of God as the last song.  The way our Presidency has done the program is just doing it in the order the topics are laid out in in the year's Sharing Time outline.  But they are pretty easy going so if I feel strongly to move something around they said they would probably let me!

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