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Alma 37:6

Monday, October 14, 2013

Here We Are Together

I wanted to do a little get to know you activity my first Sunday as Primary Music Leader.  Someone told me about the idea of using the "Here We Are Together" song from the Children's Songbook (p. 261).  I cut up a bunch of 2 inch strips of paper and had the kids and teachers write their names on their paper (labels would work too, maybe better, but I didn't have any).  I told the children that when it was their turn they should show me their paper and stand up (I think they all got confused or something because they didn't stand up...).  I taped my name to myself and the pianist's to the piano, and off we went!  We sang through the song 4 or 5 times, starting with me and the pianist, and went through about one whole row of classes (about 8ish people) per round.  I only went through everyone once, but in hindsight I probably should have gone through everyone again.  My original intent was mostly to have them learn my name since I'm new, and also for me to get a start at learning their names.  That purpose was served at least.  Another idea with this was to have kids come to the front and sing the song with those names and rotate them in and out, but we have a lot of kids in our Primary.

I coupled this activity with a General Conference type activity, since I found one I liked and the previous music leader didn't do one before Conference.  I think it was a lot of set up for one day though.  It was kind of crazy.  I don't think I'll do that again!  :)

  • "Here We Are Together" CS p. 261

  • strips of paper or labels
  • crayons/markers/pencils
  • tape
  • printed song lyrics

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