"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Thursday, April 24, 2014

When I Hear the Prophet's Voice

I've decided to do this song for the May choice song.  It's simple, short, and the message is perfect.

  Click here to listen to the song on LDS.org (scroll down to find the song)

Here are a few different teaching ideas:

Leave Out a Word (Listening Activity)
Sing the song to them and choose a word to leave out and ask them if they can think of or remember what word should go there.  I'm going to do this three (3) times: 1. "prophet" 2. "Savior" 3. "I" -- If they need help I'll give them hints like, 1. We listen to him at General Conference, He is the Lord's mouthpiece on Earth today; 2. Who does the prophet speak for?

When You Hear This, Do This (Listening Activity with Movement)
When you hear: hear or listen, voice or speaks, feel, know; Do the sign language or action (one at a time or all together).

Questions (Listening Activity)

  • (When you hear the prophet's voice,) What do you feel?  (closer to God, the Savior's love)
  • (When you hear the prophet's voice,) What will you do?  (gladly obey)
  • What do you know?  (that the Savior speaks through him [the prophet] for our day)

Four Corners (Teaching or Review)
One picture for each phrase of the song: 1. President Monson; 2. Jesus with children; 3. The Liahona; 4. Jesus the Christ.  This activity can be done a few different ways. 
One is to split the Primary into 4 groups and give each one a picture.  You can count them off or section the Primary by where they are sitting.  The children will stand or just hold up their picture and sing their line of the song when the time comes.  Rotate the pictures through all the groups so everyone gets an opportunity to sing each phrase.

Follow this link to my bell chart for this song.

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