"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review Activity: Going Fishing

This week for review our Primary is going fishing!  This was very simple and easy to make.  I just cut out construction paper in the shape of fish and put paper clips on them.  Voila!  I used a real fishing pole but any stick or dowel will do.  I fashioned a holder for the magnet by wrapping a small fabric piece around it and tying it off with yarn.  I added paper slips to the fish with song names on them, which are changeable and removable because of the paper clips, so I can use this again and again for any songs!  There is beauty in simplicity.

Once a child chooses a fish, another child will choose from my Ways to Sing Cards which will be turned over and hanging on the board.  So we will sing the song chosen in the way chosen.  Easy!  And if we whip through all the songs we can just throw the fish back into the pond and choose again.  Love it.

For this week's activity I have 9 fish with these songs:

  • He Sent His Son
  • I Will Follow God's Plan
  • I Stand All Amazed
  • The Family Is of God
    • (I omitted the verses so we can just sing them order so as to not confuse the kids)
  • The Family Is of God
  • The Family Is of God
  • The Family Is of God
  • Choice
  • Baptism
    • (SR only - we learned one verse of this song at the beginning of the year because we sing a baptism song each month when someone gets baptized)
  • I Love to See the Temple
    • (JR only - we've sang this song a bunch already and I'm planning on singing it for the Program as well so it's perfect to review!)

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