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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Movement and Music - LESSON 1 - Conductor Intro / Volume / Melody

~~ Credit: Primary Notes 29 blog ~~

Lesson 1 includes:
  • Conductor Intro 
  • Cut Off 
  • Loud + Soft 
  • Up + Down 
  • Singing v Screaming 
  • Paint Brushes (music melody) 
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*Already have drawn on the board (or printouts): a forte F, a piano P, crescendo, decrescendo

Conductor Intro
EXPLAIN: The person leading is the Conductor. They tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it.
*PLAY: Stand up / sit down / stand up / sit down
*PLAY: Split Primary Game. Divide the Primary. They have to show they are watching me - only the # I am holding up get to sing. Switch off sides during the song. Switch fast, switch slow, try to trick them - have fun.

Cut Off
EXPLAIN: How to do the cut-off motion. Why we cut off. (So we can all stop singing at the same time and sound like a unified choir. Watch the Conductor so no one is left singing a solo!)
*PLAY: Sing until I cut off.
*PLAY: “Guest Conductors” (the kids) come up and cut off.

Loud + Soft
EXPLAIN: Forte means to sing loud. *Write FORTE in caps on the board near the F.
EXPLAIN: Piano means to sing soft. *Write PIANO small on the board near the P.
EXPLAIN: Singing v Screaming
EXPLAIN: Crescendo and Decrescendo
*PLAY: Pianist plays a song while we listen for changes in Forte and Piano
*PLAY: Lead a song - hands indicate whether to get louder or softer
*PLAY: “Guest Conductors” come up and direct piano and forte.

Up + Down (melody)
EXPLAIN: Some notes are high, some notes are low.
*PLAY: Pianist plays some notes, we guess if they are high or low.
*PLAY: Grow/Shrink
EXPLAIN: During a song the notes go both high and low - that is called the melody.

Paint Brushes (music melody)
*PLAY: Get out imaginary paint brushes. Use the paintbrush to "paint" the melody. You can't do it wrong - it's all about self-expression. Dip into a new color of paint every time you stop and start singing.

~~ Credit: Primary Notes 29 blog ~~

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