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Alma 37:6

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Singo

~~ Credit: Camille's Primary Ideas ~~

Bingo with a Christmas singing twist!  I like the way Camille calls it "Singo."  When a Christmas song is pulled, you sing that song.

Camille found a quick and easy way to make custom bingo cards.  Seriously, SO EASY!  And it even has a calling card to print and cut up with all the squares.  So nice!

Here's the link: DLTK Cards - Bingo

I did the 5x5 option, with the title "SINGO," with the customizable "Christmas - Religious" option for the theme.  I added 14 songs in place of some irrelevant images and others I could do without.  Then when you go to print the card you can refresh it as many times as you want to generate a new card!

For Senior Primary I'll do as Camille does and have them turn around and put their cards on their chairs while they kneel on the floor and when we sing they will just stand up and face front.  And for Junior Primary I'll pass out sheets to teachers only and have the kids play together against classes.

Camille suggests a high five for getting 5 in a row??  I guess that will have to do!

Hopefully this will work out nice and it will be fun!!

~~ Credit: Camille's Primary Ideas ~~

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