"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Planning Outlines

I like using an Excel spread sheet the best to plan out all the songs and activities I want to do in Primary, including the Opening Exercises songs and the monthly and weekly themes.  It helps me be able to look at the year at a whole just by scrolling through the document and it's easy for me to see and plan how many weeks I have to teach what, and so forth.  It's a great tool that has worked for me.

Excel Spread Sheet

Then I actually have a separate Word document with one page per month that is the outline of songs that I (save as a PDF [I print PDF one page so it's just one page per month for them and not the whole document] and) email to the Primary Presidency and the pianist each month.

Word Document (Jan-Jun)

Then when it comes to writing out my thoughts and ideas and specifics of plans, I actually write it out (and save and bookmark lots of the ideas I find) in a program called OneNote that I can access from my computer or phone.  Then each Sunday I write out the plans for that specific day in a plain Word doc that I print just for me and bring to Primary.

Maybe that's a lot, but that's what works for me.  There are lots of planning and organization tools and ways out there, the trick is fiddling around and figuring out what works best for you!  Good luck!

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  1. I am just commenting to let you know how much time this saves so many of us with whom you share these things. Thank you so much! Exactly what I was needing to organize my year. :)