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Alma 37:6

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Activity: Pin the Couple on the Temple

The Primary theme for the month of October is all about the family.  Since we have General Conference this weekend, our Primary Presidency combined the first two themes/lessons for the first week back in Primary (the second week of the month).  I wanted to do something simple and fun and sing lots of classic and beloved Primary songs about the family.  I came up with:


I've prepared a couple sheets of paper with this picture on it several times and songs and questions on another sheet for print on the back of the picture sheet.  I'll cut them out and stick them up on the board or around the room for the children to choose one at a time.  We will read the question and then sing the song and verse together to find the answer.  For Junior Primary they can all help each other answer the question.  I'll have Senior Primary answer the question themselves if they can, and ask a friend for help if they need it.  And then, once we have sung the song and answered the question correctly, the child up front (who chose the picture with the song) will be blindfolded, spun around, and will pin (stick: magnet, tape, pin... whatever) the picture of the couple onto the picture of a temple on the board.  We will do this as many times as we have time.

If you're still reviewing for your Program you could include your Program songs or do a similar activity to incorporate your Program songs.

  • Large picture of any temple
  • Cut out pictures of a couple (picture above or in a document below)
  • Questions related to chosen songs
  • Magnets or pins or tape (to stick the pictures to the temple)

  • I AM A CHILD OF GOD (2) - verse 1
    • What did God give me?
      • Answer: "an earthly home with parents kind and dear"
  • I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE (95) - verse 1
    • What is my sacred duty?
      • Answer: "to prepare myself to go to the temple"
  • I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE (95) - verse 2
    • Who is sealed together in the temple?
      • Answer: "families"
    • How long do I want to share my life with my family?
      • Answer: "through all eternity"
    • What will I prepare to do while in my early years?
      • Answer: "to marry in God's temple for eternity"
  • THE FAMILY IS OF GOD - verse 1
    • Who is in our Heavenly Father's family?
      • Answer: "me, you, all others too"
  • THE FAMILY IS OF GOD - verse 2
    • What is something a father does for his family?
      • Answer: "preside, provide, love, teach the gospel, leads family prayer"
  • THE FAMILY IS OF GOD - verse 3
    • What is something a mother does for her family?
      • Answer: "care, prepare, nurture and strengthen children; teaches to obey, pray, love and serve"
  • THE FAMILY IS OF GOD - verse 4
    • What will I help my family remember?
      • Answer: "God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be, this is how He shares His love, the family is of God"

Document of Pictures & Songs & Questions for download:

 Pin the Couple on the Temple

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