"...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..."

Alma 37:6

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Stand All Amazed - Hymn 193 (Pat Graham)

~~ Lesson Plan by Pat Graham ~~

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Message:  Even though I make mistakes, Jesus loves me.  He died so I can repent and try to be better.  This is a wonderful gift.

CHORUS Materials:  Hymnbook

Attention-getter:  Jesus loves us so much that He was willing to die for us.  Because of that wonderful gift, we can be forgiven, and we will live again.  We have a song about this in our hymnbook.

Questions:  (Ask something that can be answered by listening to the song.  Create a reason to repeat the singing.)

1.  Listen to see how many times the song says "wonderful"? (sing the chorus)
        Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me.
        Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me.

2.  How many times did you hear?  (3)  That's wonderful!  You are good listeners.  Can you make that word bounce (clap the rhythm -- long short long, WON-der-ful).

3.  When I sing the chorus I will point to you when you should sing WON-der-ful.

4.  What other words have that same bouncy rhythm? (care for me; die for me)  Sing and notice the natural accent on care and die.

5.  "It is" is hard to sing, so we move the "t" over and say "tis" (practice).

6.  Watch my hands as I tell you when to stand up.  I am going to scoop under your chin and you will stand up without a sound -- just like the Tabernacle Choir. (practice)  Let's sing with the piano this time.  Be sure to hold the last word (me) until I cut you off. (sing -- hold "me" a long time.  Compliment on watching you)

VERSE ONE:  Materials:  Two rhythm cards

[Click HERE to save and print this file of rhythm cards and papers and lyrics for the first verse to go under the notes on the board if you desire, which looks like this:]

[Explanation of the colors in THIS post.]

Attention-getter:  Here is a picture of the rhythm for "wonderful."  Sing the chorus and tell me what other words have that same bouncy rhythm.  (care for me; die for me).

1.  The verse of the song has even more bouncy words.  Clap the card I hold and let's find out other words with this catchy rhythm. (even rhythm card 3 times, then bouncy -- do the sequence 4 times.)  Ask for words that bounce until the children have located "offers me," "proffers me," crucified," "bled and died."

2.  Which word means to give? (offer; also proffer -- to give a gift)  Sing that part.

3.  Which word means to be killed on a cross? (crucified).  It surprises me that wicked people killed Jesus because they didn't understand who He was.

4.  Our song uses another word that means "surprised." (sing the first line) (amazed).  This love is also called the grace of God.

5.  Word that means "I don't get it" (confused) dictionary says flabbergasted.  Shaking (tremble) Make mistakes (sinner).  Match these words to the bouncy words.  Sing the whole verse.

6.  I am very amazed and grateful that my older brother, Jesus, was willing to give me (and all of you) this wonderful gift of forgiveness and eternal life.

Enrichment:  Hymnbooks for those who read.  With pointer finger play "dot-to-dot" following the top row of notes (show how to move left to right, then down a line and finally to the second page.)

~~ Lesson Plan by Pat Graham ~~